Rapist jailed 17 years


HARARE – A man who raped his neighbour’s wife after bashing him on the head has been sentenced to an effective 17 years in prison.

Tanyanyiwa Nyamaropa, aka Dread, 36, had been sentenced to 20 years in jail but three years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

Nyamaropa dragged his victim from her house and raped her in a bushy area in The Grange before threatening to kill her if she disclosed the rape.

Regional magistrate Fadzai Mthombeni said Nyamaropa not only traumatised the woman, but also her husband.

She said the woman’s husband could also have been psychologically affected as he has to deal with a tag that his wife was raped and he could not assist her.

Facts are that on November 18 last year, the woman and her family retired to bed but she was awoken by Dread who was trying to strangle her.

Upon seeing what was about to happen, she fought off the accused and her husband woke up as well.

Dread, who was only dressed in a pair of shorts, took a hoe from the house and struck the woman’s husband unconscious.

The woman was then dragged out of the house but failed to scream as she was shocked to see her husband bleeding from the attack.

At a grassy area, Nyamaropa lifted the woman’s skirt and raped her.

However, she managed to identify him from his bald head and voice.

The court heard that Nyamaropa then forced the woman in a kneeling position and raped her again, before threatening to kill her.

After the rape Nyamaropa disappeared in the darkness and the woman trekked back home.

She went to her neighbour’s house and told her what had happened.

The following morning the woman went to report the rape to Highlands Police Station, leading to Nyamaropa’s arrest. – Helen Kadirire

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