Mugabe’s ‘naughty’ child


HARARE – President Robert Mugabe’s remarks that he had problems with his teenage son Chatunga Bellarmine’s attitude towards school have proven that the boy is somehow truant.

The development not only comes as the Daily News in February reported that the youngster had been ejected from a top-Harare school St Georges College, but vindicates the paper’s extremely loved expose.

By his own admission — in a recent South African Broadcasting Corporation documentary — Chatunga spends about 85 percent of his time on computer games.

With this errant behaviour and one not so consistent with school-going kids, his elderly father is grossly disheartened.

“He has not made me happy in the way he takes to his studies. He should be more serious than he is at the moment,” said Mugabe, a former teacher and vaunted stickler of discipline.

“I don’t quarrel with him, nor do I raise my hand to slap him. Never. I leave that to the mother. But he has not made me happy in the way he takes his studies,” the Zanu PF leader said.

Chatunga has failed to take a leaf from his older sister Bona, a postgraduate student who is the president’s delight, whom the 89-year-old leader describes as “very obedient” and “absolutely trustworthy.”

In 2009, Chatunga reportedly flunked his Grade seven examinations managing to score 14 units in the examinations at the prestigious Hartmann House. He ranked among the few who failed.

While Mugabe was a high-flier at school earning several academic achievements, his two sons, Chatunga and older brother Robert, have not matched his standards. Observers say his daughter Bona, seem to be the only one of his three children who bears his traits.

Bona graduated from City University in Hong Kong with Business Administration (Honours) degree in Accountancy and is studying towards a Masters. After Robert flunked his exams, Mugabe chuckled that he had become an “undertaker”, local slang for achieving ungraded results.

The First Lady, a former secretary to Mugabe, dropped out of a UK university, where she was studying for a Bachelor of Arts (English) degree.

She reportedly failed most of her examinations. – Bridget Mananavire

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