Zim Cycling disowns Legend Sport


HARARE – Zimbabwe  Road Cycling Association (ZRCA) has distanced itself from Legend Sport, a local sports which has hosted various cycling events in recent months.

The two bodies are currently embroiled in dispute that escalated after a meeting held earlier this year to iron out their differences failed to reach an agreement.

The national association came up with their 2013 calendar of events last December while Legend Sport proposed to also hold similar time trail meetings that clashed with those ZRCA.

ZRCA president Dave Martin said: “As the governing body of road cycling events in Zimbabwe, we would like state that we do not recognise the Legend Sport time trial series.

“We apologise for any confusion regarding the time trial series and trust that you will support the national body on this decision.”

Martin added: “Legend Sport made a request to run their own series on 7 April 2013.Their events conflicted with those on the national calendar. After attempted negotiation and complete disregard to the national body, notification of the series (Legend Sport) was released on 14 May 2013.

“As a national body trying to regulate the sport in the country, we find the above actions contradictory to our constitution and so we will not recognise this series.”

The riders who will participate in the Legend Sport organised series risk being suspended and fined by ZRCA.

“According to the UCI regulations, section 1.2.031, the organisers of the Legend Sport TT series are not licensed to the national body,” added Martin.

“Section 1.2.019 stipulates that no licence holder may participate in an event that has not been included on a national, continental or world calendar or that has not been recognised by a national federation, a continental confederation or the UCI.

“Breaches… shall render the licence holder liable to one month’s suspension and a fine of CHF 50 to 100.”

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