Mavambo is a poor party: Makoni


BULAWAYO – Mavambo/Kusile /Dawn(MDK) leader Simba Makoni says his party’s lack of visibility is a direct result of the uneven political playing field and lack of adequate finances.

MKD, a party which emerged at the dawn of the 2008 harmonised election is described by some as an extension of Zanu PF which is only visible during election time.

“The reason of our lack of visibility is that we are a very poor party. We do not have diamonds to loot like others,” Makoni told delegates in Bulawayo on Friday at a meeting organised by Bulawayo Agenda.

MDK’s Bulawayo provincial chairperson Christopher Mungofa blamed his party’s lack of visibility on what he termed ‘a deliberate media blackout.’

“MKD is visible in Bulawayo and we have 12 active constituencies, but the press has been neglecting us,” Mungofa said. Makoni joined the presidential race in 2008 at the 11th hour as an independent candidate after which he went into political oblivion.

Despite his invisibility in politics Makoni who says his young party is optimistic that MDK will perform well in the coming elections. “We are preparing to participate fully in the elections and we are getting in the race with the intention to win. And through winning we will gain experience,” he said.

The MKD President who was part of the grand coalition of political parties which met this week to speak against the Constitutional Court ruling which ordered President Robert Mugabe to declare an election date before July 31 said the creation of a free environment was essential for a credible election. – Nyasha Chingono

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