Of weed cakes, spiked drinks and sex orgies


HARARE – Ever heard of the words sex orgy, for many Zimbabweans these are foreign words, even for party animals.

A little bit of schooling, sex orgies are in a sense the same as sex parties, where people have intercourse freely and wildly with anyone at the party, whether they know the person or not.

And these parties are happening right here in Harare.

You would think 18-year- olds would want to hold a super sweet 18, like those aired on MTV, but an ordeal foretold by one party-goer, was a rude awakening, the city that never sleeps has gone a step up its party culture.

So you go to this party, you have an awesome time, you party like a rock star, but the next morning you do not have the slightest clue of what took place or how you got home.

Unless you have the rotating eye skills of a chameleon, it is hard to watch out for your drink at the same time you watch out for that cute guy on the dance floor.

Welcome to the world of laced drinks and weed cakes.

But if this is the experience you have every time you down the brewed substance then well maybe you are just an alcoholic, not that many people would admit that they are anyway.

“I just had a small piece of cake, after some time I started feeling oozy, I was confused,” said a 19-year -old narrating of the experience he had at an 18th birthday party  he attended in the Chisipite, Glen Lorne area.

“The cake was a bit chewy though but I thought well, it’s a different type of cake, but I was later told the cake had been laced with weed (marijuana) and cocaine.

“Look I knew it wouldn’t have been alcohol because though I love parties I don’t drink for health reasons,” the teenager said.

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“There was also weed that was being smoked through pipes and a whole lot other wild activities. I will tell you this for sure though that, there are some chicks (girls) who conceived or contracted some STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) that night. It was a terrible experience for me because I had never taken any drugs and I think my body did not take it well because I recovered on Monday from a Saturday night party,” he said.

No matter how self-aware you are, there’s always a chance of getting an unexpected pharmaceutical present in your beverage on a night out. Any drink, even an innocent tonic water, can turn into a cocktail that takes you to the “Twilight Zone”.

Dothan Moyo, president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe said the side effects of the drugs depend on what drug is used to spike the drink.

“But most of the drugs affect the central nervous system and your brain. They affect a person both mentally and emotionally,” he said.

“Hallucinations, losing alertness, and dizziness are parts of the effect, and that is how people end up being raped. These drugs are obtained illegally and they are there on the streets, from hard to soft drugs. However, I think the spiking of drinks and food is unethical,” Moyo said.

Reports also say the effect of any drug will depend on your body shape and size, your age, how much of the spiked drink you have consumed, and how much alcohol (if any) you have already drunk.

These drugs can come in powder or liquid form, and may not have an unusual taste or smell. This is because they make it harder for you to resist. – Bridget Mananavire

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