Zanu PF courts Mutambara


HARARE – Indigenisation minister Savior Kasukuwere has invited Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara to join erstwhile ruling party Zanu PF to remain relevant in Zimbabwean politics.

“We must have him run, we can’t have him go back to university,” Kasukuwere said of the robotics professor.

“He will be a misfit. Mutambara is required back home (in Zanu PF).So I will start the draft Mutambara campaign, bring him into politics.”

Kasukuwere was speaking after Mutambara gave an insightful analysis of the indigenisation drive at the 74th Chamber of Mines annual general meeting held in Nyanga last Friday.  Kasukuwere praised Mutambara for the candid keynote address on empowerment.

“It is certainly going to be one of the key issues in this election,” Kasukuwere said. “Professor Mutambara has done a good job about it.”

The broad empowerment issue will remain Zanu PF’s rallying point to woo a restive electorate ahead of a crunch poll.

Kasukuwere said there was no going back.

“I am going to take everything that he has written to be part of our manifesto, that’s what we are going to be saying,” Kasukuwere said.

“I don’t know which party he comes from but the language is very much Zanu, so we will take everything and put it in our manifesto because it speaks about the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe.”

Mutambara said Zimbabwe needs to re-look at how it was carving the empowerment deals with foreign firms.

“The way we do our deals must be looked at. By the way, when we do our deals we must never attack foreigners, the South Africans, Americans or the Chinese,” Mutambara said.

“We must attack ourselves. If we are short-changed, it is because we are not boxing clever. It is because we have bad laws so let us take charge of our lives and correct what is problematic.” – Kudzai Chawafambira

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