Daily News nabs Tsvangirai exclusive


HARARE – Tomorrow’s Daily News will carry an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Conducted, by one of the country’s top journalists, the Daily News political editor, Gift Phiri, the reverting interview is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe as it was conducted live on stage at the Jubilee Christian Centre in Milton Park in Harare yesterday where thousands of delegates listened to Tsvangirai being interrogated on a number of issues.

Phiri interviewed Tsvangirai on the MDC policy conference, allegations of corruption against his party, allegations of being too comfortable in government, how different the MDC is from Zanu PF, what Zimbabweans can expect in the first 100 days of a Tsvangirai-led government, and the MDC leader’s prospects in the forthcoming watershed poll.

This comes in the face of signs of an imminent plan to stifle power transfer if Tsvangirai wins.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s edition for the wide-ranging, in-depth interview.

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