Mugabe: Biggest beneficiary of GPA


HARARE – We have had a pulsating week full of propaganda from the so-called public media.

One of the many laughable stunts is this pretension that Zanu PF is ready for an election by June 29 while the MDC is not.

The situation on the ground shows that it is Zanu PF which is in disarray and is not in any way ready for that impossible election date of June 29.

Not just because of the divisions, but also because the last time we heard, the party had agreed on 95 percent of the guidelines for its own internal election.

To date, the five percent is still outstanding.

How can a party, which has yet to agree on its own rules for primary elections whose date they themselves are unclear about, lie to the nation that they are ready for a national election in five weeks?

Give us a break. This assumption that Zimbabweans are stupid led to someone we know, being thoroughly defeated in an election despite addressing rallies with more than 20 000 people.

This is because the media that supported him and his advisors did not tell him that he was addressing bussed crowds of people who had been forcibly commandeered from flea markets, schools and even church gatherings to boost the numbers of the rallies of the dear leader.

It appears we are seeing the same disservice again to President Robert Mugabe ahead of this election, where those around him believe propaganda alone and deluding their Principal will win them an election.

They are supposed to have learnt their lesson in 2008.

Well, we are watching!

And then you have the same Mugabe deluding himself that the GPA has an expiry date of June 29.

It is because he thinks Tsvangirai is in government because of the GPA.

Unbeknown to him, the biggest beneficiary of the GPA was Mugabe himself because it made him president when he had lost an election.

Sadc and Africa were clear that the only legitimate election was that of March 29.

They rejected the results of the June 27 sham in which a candidate contested against himself and declared himself winner.

Logic would have dictated that the one with more votes should have been President, with Mugabe as PM, until a conclusive free and fair election was held, which election we want to hold now.

But his advisors don’t tell him that he is the biggest beneficiary of the GPA whose expiry he appears to be relishing because he thinks Tsvangirai is in government because of it.

For the record, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was overwhelmingly voted for by the people of Zimbabwe and he does not owe his status in government to anything or anybody else.

In fact, the agreement ought to have given him his deserved status since he had more votes, even if we are to go by the suspicious results of one George Chiweshe.

We see Sadc had weighed in, talking of the need to implement outstanding reforms.

The Sadc Troika said this exactly four days after Tsvangirai had called for a Troika and full Sadc summit on Zimbabwe.

Some media houses obviously failed to link the Troika summit, which Tsvangirai wanted, with the “embarrassing regional tour” that the PM had just embarked upon.

The Bull Eland will be watching, and when the full Sadc summit comes, as it surely will soon, we will remember Tsvangirai’s demands for it and hope the State media will recall what they called the PM’s “embarrassing African safari” which did not yield any fruit.

Mujuru on the voters’ roll

The Bull Eland is reliably informed that Vice President Joice Mujuru shocked her Zanu PF counterparts this week when she backed the PM in discrediting the current voter registration exercise.

The PM had just had a nightmare in registering his twin children, despite an earlier government meeting in which registration requirements had been relaxed.

Mujuru agreed with the PM on the chaos surrounding the process, adding that when she recently bought the voters’ roll, she realised that only nine people appeared in the roll in a whole ward as the only registered people in a particular ward in her constituency in Mt Darwin.

Surely, a household could have nine people, not a whole ward.

The vice president just confirmed there is something seriously wrong with our voters’ roll ahead of a crucial election, which registration process is being led by a civil servant who is well past retirement age.

But for a party with a 90-year-old candidate in the age of facebook and twitter, this obviously is not an issue.

Any credible political party in the world would have been embarrassed to expect the facebook generation to vote in a president who never played computer games but only knows horikotyo, pada and tsoro yemakomba

Talk of a political party caught up in a time warp! Well, we are watching the election drama unfold. I will vote Morgan Tsvangirai for service and sacrifice. – Bull Eland

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