Peter Ndlovu breaks down again


BULAWAYO – Football legend Peter Ndlovu on Friday broke down at a function before giving a speech on road safety in a sign he is still traumatised by the death of his brother Adam and a female passenger following a car accident in December last year.

The star, who is now a national team assistant coach, was a guest during the official launch of the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe musical project titled Incwadi yabatshayeli by popular songbird Sandra Ndebele.

Ndlovu, former national team coach Rahman Gumbo alongside Ndebele and afro jazz musician Jeys Marabini were early this year appointed road safety ambassadors for the southern region.

Asked to give a solidarity message as one of Zimbabwe’s road safety ambassadors, Ndlovu openly wept.
Apparently the sad memories of the horrific accident came back to haunt him as tears found their way down his cheeks before the packed auditorium.

Some at the event thought Ndlovu’s emotions were evoked by video snippets which were constantly showing different images of horrific carnages on the small screens in the room.

For almost a minute, a deafening silence ensued as the sympathetic audience simply helplessly looked on.
Finally Ndlovu regained his composure.

“Ever since I took up this post as a traffic ambassador I now understand what it means not to talk on my phone while driving and that it is also part and parcel of our duties to lead by example in the fight against road carnage,” said Ndlovu.

This is not the first time that Ndlovu has broken down.

Last month he openly wept during the trial as he denied culpable homicide charges which were laid against him by the State at a Victoria Falls court.

He was later acquitted.

At the Friday event, Ndlovu praised Ndebele on the release of what he termed an entertaining and educative video on road safety.

“Coming to you my sister Sandra, we are not only here to talk about road safety but also to support you as an individual and from what you have just done I hope the message is loud and clear,” Ndlovu said.

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