WeUtonga, Busi in exciting Hifa duet


HARARE – Busi Ncube is as timeless as they come and one of Zimbabwe’s greatest, best-beloved artistes.

Former lead singer of 1980s band Ilanga, and now based in Norway, Ncube plays an infectious fusion of music from all over the world.

Edith WeUtonga is destined for timelessness, blending her in?uences from Shona Folklore, jiti, and Chimurenga into a unique style of music that has her in demand all over the world.

In their own ways, both women have been breaking barriers and defying the odds, making them a perfect match.

In London, Norway and Austria, Busi has held her own, and Edith has just begun, mesmerising audiences in Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Come and see this show with music from two different generations and celebrate African women.

The showcase will take place at the Global Stage, Coca Cola Day, May 4 presented by Royal Norwegian Embassy.

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