Telecel continues Hifa sponsorship


HARARE – Telecel Red have continued their $50 000 plus sponsorship of the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa) main stage.

This year’s Hifa, which will run from April 30 to May 6, will be the fourth year in succession that Telecel has sponsored the main stage at Hifa, on which some of the most prominent international and local artists perform.

It will also be the first time it has assigned the sponsorship to a particular Telecel brand or product.

Telecel Red was recently introduced as a fixed payment service, ideal for the up-and-coming executive and frequent mobile phone user, offering flexibility and a number of benefits, including unlimited local calls to one frequently used Telecel number, all Telecel numbers or all local numbers, depending on the subscription.

A subscription of $30 per month entitles the subscriber to up to $30 worth of local calls, data and texts during the month plus unlimited calls to one Telecel number and 60 Mb of data.

The $60 subscription allows the subscriber up to $60 worth of local calls and data plus unlimited calls to any Telecel number, unlimited text messages to any local number and 120 Mb of additional data every month.

For $150 per month the Telecel Red subscriber has unlimited usage for local calls, text messages and data.

The Telecel Red subscriber, who enjoys priority service at all Telecel outlets, can opt for a pre-paid or post-paid contract.

The pre-paid subscriber can load airtime in the normal way for services that fall outside the package, such as international usage and continued local usage if the $30 or $60 allowance is fully utilised.

With a post-paid contract the cost of services outside of the package is billed to the customer but only up to a certain credit limit, after which a payment is required to cover further usage outside the benefits provision.

 As a local company that is part of an international telecommunications group, Telecel Zimbabwe sees Hifa, which features both local and international singers, dancers, actors and other artists, as particularly deserving of its support.

“Like Hifa, we see the benefits of bringing together local and international expertise and associate ourselves with self-expression and innovation.

“We believe Telecel Red, which is a unique and innovative product, blends in well with this annual event,” said Telecel PR/CSR manager Francis Chimanda.

“Telecel Red is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe. The Telecel Red packages are the first with unlimited usage to be offered by any network in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“Like Hifa, we seek to provide exposure to local and aspiring artists. We are doing this through yet another of our services, Teletunes, which provides local artists with a new mans of earning royalties.

“Teletunes allows subscribers to replace with music the ringing tone that those calling them normally hear,” said Chimanda.

There is a wide selection of tunes and categories of music to choose from.

Local musicians are paid royalties by the local content provider for any of their songs used on Teletunes International musicians are also paid royalties.

Chimanda said Telecel looked upon Teletunes not only as a service to its customers but also as a means of contributing to the promotion of local music and the income of local musicians.

“Communication through drama, poetry, dance and music plays an important role within our society. This is why we believe Hifa is an important event that deserves our support,” Chimanda said.

The Regional Centre for Social Responsibility Awards recently announced Telecel Zimbabwe as the winner of its Outstanding in Arts, Culture, Children and Creative Arts Development Award.

The announcement was made during the 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Indaba held in Harare. – Entertainment Writer

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