Mau Mau confiscates newspaper’s football kit


HARARE – Boxing promoter and Zanu PF activist Stalin Mau Mau confiscated
football kit belonging to a local newspaper on Saturday after an off-target
ball hit and damaged the view mirror of his car during a match.

Mau Mau had parked his Isuzu KB300 at Raylton Sports Club in
Harare at an “Owner’s Risk” bay when a Financial Gazette defender cleared the
ball during a communication league match against Zimpapers.

The ball strayed and hit the vehicle, leaving Mau Mau in a
fit of rage.

Mau Mau first impounded the match ball, forcing the teams to
use a replacement for the remaining six minutes of the game.

The renowned boxing enthusiast later returned with powerfully-built
escorts and forcibly took 10 jerseys before driving away.

Pleas by Fingaz players and officials to calm Mau Mau down and
persuade him to resolve the matter at a police station were turned down.   

A report was made at Five Avenue Police Post, where a theft
docket, number RRB1765, was opened.

Mau Mau was unreachable on his mobile phone yesterday. – Sports Writer

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