‘Be careful when buying cooked food’


HARARE – Consumers must exercise extreme caution when buying cooked food from supermarkets, the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has warned.

This comes after a Harare consumer recently bought a chicken pie from a leading retail chain with threads of a bandage inside.

“Beware of what you eat, is the message we would like to communicate to consumers,” CCZ said in a statement.

“Our worry as CCZ is the total breakdown of the quality management system which gave rise to this distasteful occurrence that leaves us wondering whether the food consumers are eating in our preferred eateries is any safe for consumption.”

The consumer rights watchdog said the incident was not the first as another high profile supermarket was recently accussed of selling expired milk.

“As consumers, we owe it to ourselves to report such incidences to responsible authorities,” said the CCZ statement. – Tatenda Chapanduka

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