Harare census staff yet to be paid


HARARE – Zimbabwe is yet to fully pay some enumerators who conducted the fourth national census in August last year, nine months on, the Finance minister confirmed on Monday.

Zimbabwe conducted its fourth population census since independence from August 17 to 27 last year, but enumerators in Harare province are yet to be paid.

“Treasury is pleased to report that $4,8million in outstanding payments to enumerators in Masvingo, Mashonaland West and Mashonaland East were cleared in March 2013,” Biti said.

“This has reduced overall outstanding obligations to enumerators to $2,7million, now only for personnel in Harare province.

“However Zimstat (Zimbabwe Statistics Agency) also has some $6,3 million outstanding obligations with regards to payment to some of the catering service providers for the August 2012 population census programme which some cooperating partners had committed themselves to supporting.

“Zimstat is in discussion with both the UNFPA and cooperating partners to come up with a disbursement plan to liquidate these obligations.”

The first, second and third censuses were conducted in 1982, 1992 and 2002 respectively, and payment was timely.

The 2012 census was conducted by 1 320 district level, 6 000 enumeration area supervisors and about 31 000 enumerators.

According to the census results, Zimbabwe’s population is growing marginally, with women still in the majority.

The southern African nation had a population of 12,9 million on August  18, 2012, which has expanded by 1,1 percent over the past decade, the census showed. If the current growth rate continues, the country — which is recovering from a decade of economic meltdown — will see the population double in 70 years. – Staff Writer

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