Guspy will eventually sing gospel


HARARE – Zimbabwe gospel music legend Machanic Manyeruke believes his son Guspy Warrior is just using dancehall reggae as a stepping stone to gospel music.

The 71-year-old star, who has lined up a collaboration with his son on a gospel song, is convinced that his son’s strong Christian background will eventually prevail.

“Emmanuel (Guspy Warrior’s real name) has a very strong Christian background,” said the gospel great.
“He was church treasurer during his high school days and was also a good gospel singer in addition to being in a church choir.

“I believe that as parents we don’t have to be hard on our children but rather give them help and encouragement in what they do. I am not condemning dancehall music but I am sure it is just a stepping stone in his music career.”

Manyeruke once again dismissed reports that he doesn’t get along with his son because of his dancehall preference.

“People disseminate false information but the truth is I have a very good relationship with my son. The forthcoming duet with my son called Torima Munda Mumwe will prove once and for all that we have a good father-son relationship.”

Manyeruke, who believes his son’s recent marriage to Amanda Nyagato will make him a better person, has encouraged his son to use a live band instead of backtracks during performances.

“Guspy Warrior will be performing with a live band soon and I am sure this will make him a better musician”. – Bryn Gumbo

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