Good opportunity to remove Zanu PF from power


HARARE – As Zimbabweans prepare for the next elections, there is an assortment of confusion over many issues.
The most fundamental objection raised by those intending to contest against Zanu PF is the need for reforms to ensure that the harmonised elections are free and fair.

I agree in total with the necessity for Zimbabwe to make certain reforms to ensure that the elections are on an even ground for all players willing to contest the polls.

It’s not contested that the state controlled media is skewed in support of Zanu PF.

In Zimbabwe its public knowledge that the military chefs are self-confessed Zanu PF apologists.

It’s also constitutional that the Judiciary key people are appointed by the President who happens to be the Zanu PF first secretary and current president.

Above all, the current Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is still appointed by the president and there is suspicion that key people in this commission are also State agents.

The president is also the one with the power to determine the election date. So it is justifiable for interested parties to find fault about all these things, and some not mentioned, which makes the election biased in favour of Zanu PF.

However, the reason for this article is to argue that advocating for these changes is not very different from changing Zanu PF itself.

It’s clearly beyond any doubt that the revolutionaries in Zanu PF understand the consequences of giving in to the needed reforms.

They fought a brutal Smith regime under more harsh conditions than the present reforms which the other political parties are demanding.

In fact most leaders who fought against the ruthless colonial regime were subjected to incarceration while majority was killed for opposing Ian Smith.

During the colonial era Smith controlled the public media and there was no coverage given to the nationalists’ movements fighting colonialism.

The Judiciary then was Ian Smith’s handpicked lieutenants.

The military was not only brutal to civilians but were also well known Smith boys.

It was the colonialists who designed electoral rules that always retained a minority white rule in Zimbabwe.

Although most of us will remember Ian Smith’s vow that never in a thousand years could we get black majority rule I also salute those who fought this man and liberated us from his bondage.

One thing for sure that Zimbabweans must learn from our colonial history is that to overthrow an incumbent government in an election is not only a serious commitment but a matter of life and death.
The history of our politics is rich with this clear indication that the electoral field is always biased towards the status quo.

It’s therefore, clear that any serious people challenging Zanu PF power should stop crying about the present electoral environment biased towards Zanu PF.

We all know a number of investments that Zanu PF takes advantage of to win elections.

However, the distorted electoral environment is not likely to change and Zanu PF will always ensure that it remains like that until eternity.

Inasmuch as I therefore believe that Zanu PF has served its purpose and must be removed from power, I am strongly disappointed that those seeking to do so want Zanu PF to change first so that they can defeat it.
I see Zanu PF not changing, so does this mean to say that we will continue to be subjected to its rule for the rest of our lives?

So it’s clear that those intending to remove Zanu PF from power must not always give the biased environment as their reason for failure to remove President Mugabe and his Zanu PF from power.

This is not a convincing justification of failure.

The colonial regime was defeated controlling virtually everything.

It does not need any education to know this simple logic. If it takes any education maybe “O” Level history books will be of great importance to understand this.

Those political parties seeking to end Zanu PF hegemony must remove them from power regardless of the biased electoral field.

If Smith was defeated with his military, media, State agents and Judiciary then it’s also possible to defeat Zanu PF with the same apparatus.

This does not however, suggest that I support holding to political power using suppression and repression but a simple acknowledgement of the reality of our situation.

The next election is a good opportunity for those contesting Zanu PF to remove it from power through whatever means desirable to them.

If such methods still include lobbying for reforms it means that we will eventually end up with a Zanu PF government.

After that election my colleagues and I in the current leadership of the NCA as well as other like-minded Zimbabweans will start a people-oriented movement to push Zanu PF out.
The new movement will seek to remove Zanu PF in its current form without changing its mentality of defeating opponents through undemocratic methods to hold their grip on power. – Madock Chivasa

*The writer is the national spokesperson for National Constitutional Assembly and is writing in his personal capacity and can be reached through e-mail —

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