Chief accuse Zanu PF MP of abusing inputs


HARARE – Six Hurungwe chiefs in Mashonaland West have petitioned President Robert Mugabe asking him to sack Hurungwe East legislator Sarah Mahoka on allegations of disregarding traditional customs and stealing presidential inputs.

In a March 1, 2013 letter to Mugabe written in vernacular, chiefs Mujinga, Dendera, Nyamhunga, Nematombo, Chundu and Dandawa accuse Mahoka of abusing the presidential inputs scheme.

“Vanoremekedzwa, isu semadzimambo ekuHurungwe District tiri kuisa zvichemo zvedu kwamuri pamusoro petsika nemagariro naMP Mai Mahoka vekuHurungwe East Constituency asiri kutifadza (As chiefs we write to express disgruntlement at Mrs Mahoka’s disregard for traditional customs).

“Zvakatanga apo MP Mahoka vakatsoropodza Mambo Mujinga izvo zvisina kutiitira zvakanaka.Mugore ra2011 MP Mahoka vakatora presidential inputs kubva mumaoko aMambo Mujinga vakapa vanhu vavo vavaida.(It started when MP Mahoka cast aspersions on Chief Mujinga.

She also took farming inputs from Chief Mujinga and distributed them to her preferred beneficiaries.)

“Vari kugadza masabhuku munzvimbo dzakagariswa vanhu patsva zvisina mvumo yaMambo Mujinga (She is also enthroning headmen without authority from the chief),” reads part of the letter.

The traditional leaders bitterly complained to Mugabe that Mahoka is usurping their powers as well as supporting rival claimants to the Dendera chieftainship for political expedience hence their appeal to Mugabe.

“Pamusangano watakaita musi wa February 28, 2013 takaona kuti MP Mahoka havafanire kunge vari mumatunhu edu uye tsika dzakashata dzakadai dzinoodza magariro evanhu vazhinji. (We resolved after a meeting held on February 28, 2013 that she should not be an MP in our area because of her disregard for culture which is disruptive to our way of life),” the chiefs complained.

The letter was copied to Hurungwe District administrator, provincial administrator and governor for the province Faber Chidarikire who could neither deny nor confirm receipt of the letter.

“I am in a meeting right now, I will only be able to discuss the letter with you later in the day,” Chidarikire said.

Mahoka who is also Zanu PF women’s league chairperson for Mashonaland West however denied the allegations saying she was in good books with Chief Mujinga and accused her political rivals of coaxing him to sign the damning letter.

“The chief likes me a lot, in fact I am liked by everybody in the province including MDC supporters,” said Mahoka, adding that she never laid her hands on presidential inputs as they were distributed by traditional leaders.

“Traditional leaders were responsible for the inputs and there is no way I could have touched them. I have my own resources, I have my farm given to me by president Mugabe and no one can remove me from this area.” – Mugove Tafirenyika

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