Alpha and omega party that never was


HARARE – It is not in me to praise dictators, wrong and evil-doers, for I am not a saint or a pilgrim, but an informed writer who sees people’s tenacity and turmoil everyday.

Zanu PF’s mediocrity system of governance for the past three decades sowed seeds of democracy that germinated with the coming of the Movement for Democratic Change which managed to unshackle myths and fantasies of Zanu PF’s philosophical and dangerous belief that it was the alpha and omega.

Prior to these political developments, the case of the party was reminiscent of that folktale of an owl which remained at the helm through ludicrous intimidation of other birds that its long ears were horns that could pierce any other bird that dared challenged the owl’s hegemony.

Unfortunately, the tale ends with the unmasking of such a myth that to this day forced the owl to the painful isolation to the extent that it is only visible during thick darkness of the night.
This is the same tragedy that saw Zanu PF’s exposed panicking mode when a vibrant MDC opposition was formed in 1999, and without knowing what to do started dancing to half-backed scripts of opaque and awkward policies in form of the land invasions which up to now have failed to materialise into a land reform.

The so-called Operation Murambatsvina (Reject Filthy) also exhibited the uncompassionate nature of the party when it rendered people, including its supporters homeless in the heart of the winter of 2005 by demolishing their homes and failed yet again to rectify the crisis in a smokescreen policy entitled Operation Garikayi (Stay Well) which was a panic reaction following hints by the United Nations to assess the humanitarian catastrophe as a result of demolitions.

The current indigenisation policy which has since turned out to be a farce and a conduit of corruption and extortion which will never meaningfully benefit the entire masses at large serve for enriching few Zanu PF-connected ones is also an indication of a party in panic.

What was supposed to be a rejuvenation device for a party facing impending electoral defeat and possible extinction from the political fraternity at least for the umpteenth of time became a smash-and-grab policy that  has exposed the vulnerabilities of our beautiful country’s socio and economic progress to that of a nation facing total collapse and failure.

Zanu PF’s indigenisation policy, as awkward as it is, cannot match the Jobs Upliftment Investment Capital and the Environment (Juice) policy of the MDC which even before being operational sounds economically rational, politically appealing and socially acceptable.

Juice makes it explicitly clear that the thrust of the policy is to alleviate poverty and suffering politically-caused by Zanu PF’s policy discords of giving with the left hand and snatching the very same gift with the right hand.

That Zimbabwe’s youths who constitute the biggest political market are in dire need of decent jobs after leaving colleges, vocational training centres, polytechnics and universities every year is not a fable. It is daylight reality.

It is still strange that a party which has invested a lot in education hallucinates into believing that the only way out from this economic catastrophe is through indigenisation of the entire economy.

But the Zimbabwean people, as observant and clever as they have always been, are not gullible, and despite beatings, torture and even death, they continue to be courageous in registering displeasure on Zanu PF’s irrational approaches to the fundamentals of national economy.

From as early as 1990, when veteran nationalist Edgar Tekere defected from the party having realised the party’s shocking allergy to democracy, people have continued in their resilience to echo bold sentiments that Zanu PF is not the alpha and omega of our political arena.

This explains why we have the GNU, the pending new constitution and above all a new beginning. – Alexander Rusero

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