Chibebe predicts Tsvangirai win


BRUSSELS – International Trade Union Confederation(Ituc) deputy secretary-general, Wellington Chibebe has tipped Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to win the forthcoming general elections.

In an interview with the Daily News at the sidelines of an Ituc youth meeting at his International Trade Union House offices in central Brussels, Chibebe, the former ZCTU secretary-general said Tsvangirai still has the urge to beat Mugabe resoundingly if free and fair elections are held.

“Given the space covered so far and the axis in Zimbabwe, I personally believe the MDC and its leader will win the elections,” Chibebe said.

“The party may have its disappointments and differences but I believe that it has tabled a very special programme in the hearts of Zimbabweans and the people need it.”

He said MDC would win because people know what Zanu PF has done to the country and their lives over the past years.

Chibebe however, said for the MDC to win elections and get into power and govern, they was need for international monitors and observers to be invited three months before the elections.

“MDC will win but the challenge is that will that translate into announcement. If you do a microscopic analysis of the events from 2000, it is common knowledge that MDC has been winning the elections but they would lose power and announcement, therefore, there is need for international observers three months before the elections and a month or so after the elections,” he added.

He said the government needs to make sure that elections were free and fair but he ruled out the possibility of a non-violent election.

“I doubt if the elections would be free from violence as I have been following some incidences of political violence and the targeting of certain individuals,” he said.

“This has been the strategy by Zanu PF to target individuals and perpetrate violence to demobilise followers of democratic forces.”

Chibebe however, warned MDC against relaxing considering that it is the majority party in Parliament.
“Any political party worth its salt should not relax and put its leg off the peddle whether it is in power or not. It should be careful not to assume what was there in 2008 March is still the same, actually it should strive to perfect and improve their art to win the elections,” he said.

The former ZCTU secretary-general however, warned some MDC leaders against abandoning the workers in the process of democratising the country saying the move would be detrimental.

“They are some visitors who were not there when we formed MDC and want to divert from the fact that the party was formed by workers for workers and the generality of the country. The workers are the spokespersons of the down-trodden and they must not be forgotten in elections as they have a role to play in determining the political discourse of the country,” he said.

Chibebe dismissed the notion that the trade union movement in Zimbabwe was no longer vibrant to determine the political course of the country. – Godfrey Mtimba in Belgium

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