Miss Zim takes stock


HARARE – Current Miss Zimbabwe Bongani Dlakama’s reign will end mid-year. She takes us back through her tumultuous reign.

What projects did you undertake as Miss Zimbabwe? Do you believe you have achieved your targets?

When I was crowned Miss Zimbabwe, I had a passion to work with children.

I wanted to do projects which involve children and emancipate them especially the underprivileged ones.

The Miss Zimbabwe Trust, however, decided that I should do a Cancer Awareness Campaign and they promised to assist me with ideas and linking me to the right people.

However, I never got the assistance I needed from them and since I was new in Harare I was stuck.

Osley Muringayi is the only who helped me with ideas and she used to take me to the Cancer Centre.
l did not go very far with the campaign as l was also preparing for Miss World at the time.

When I returned from China I rekindled my passion but I was getting no assistance from the Trust. I managed to source TV sets and groceries for Mpilo Children’s Hospital.

At the moment I am awaiting responses from corporates as I want to donate to Tjehanga Primary School where students are under-resourced.

l have also visited Mashambazhou Care Facility where I donated groceries to the patients.

I am happy with what I have done but I can’t say I have achieved all my targets.

I wish I could do more and more for society.

Your reign has been a long and eventful one. What can you say have been the major highlights?

As Miss Zimbabwe there have been a lot of major highlights.

However, the best moment was representing my country at Miss World. It was a glorious moment standing there representing my lovely Zimbabwe.

Despite the outcome, it gave me such great joy and fulfilment because it was a milestone for me.

What have you learnt from your reign as Miss Zimbabwe? Do you think you have become a better person?

What I have learnt from my reign as Miss Zimbabwe is that it is not the make-up that makes one beautiful.
True beauty lies within; it is all about who you are deep down that makes you really beautiful.

I certainly think I have become a better person.

When you are crowned a national queen you mature faster than the rest of your age mates.

Your experiences, trials make you grow up faster.

l have become more selfless and more responsible. I am not just a beauty queen but I am for the people.

Were you shocked by the lack of funding and the general lack of support you experienced as the national queen?

I was very shocked with lack of support and funding because I came in after the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) had pulled out so what I expected and what I am experiencing now are two totally different things.

I am not complaining, I am just saying.

What kind of music do you listen to? Who is your favourite Zimbabwean musician?

I love most types of music notably rock and roll music by Bon Jovi, I love music by Beyoncé and Rihanna. I love Oliver Mtukudzi. He makes me proud to be Zimbabwean.

What kind of dishes do you enjoy? Does being a model limit your food choices?

I love different types of food including traditional, Chinese, oriental. Modelling does limit my choices so I watch my carbohydrate intake especially.

What informs the way you dress?

I am a huge fan of the Fashion Police because I can pick up trends and tips.

I like to dress conservatively because as Miss Zimbabwe.

I have to be respectable all the time but at the same time smart and age-appropriate.

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