Tsvangirai pins hope on Zuma


HARARE – With elections only a few months away, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is pinning hopes on South African president Jacob Zuma to deliver a credible poll amid heightening tensions.

In an interview with his MDC newsletter, Tsvangirai said Zimbabwe could descend into chaos if Sadc-appointed mediator Zuma does not stamp authority.

The MDC leader, who is in a shaky power-sharing coalition government with President Robert Mugabe, said he hopes Zuma’s “fair mediation” to the Zimbabwean crisis would help end resistance in implementing clauses of the power-sharing Global Political Agreement (GPA).

The GPA is the foundation of the coalition that was formed in 2009 and sets benchmarks which should be implemented before the country holds the next general election.

However, most of the issues enunciated in the GPA such as security sector and media reforms are still to be fully implemented, largely because of resistance by Mugabe and Zanu PF.

“We still see signs of resistance to change through attempts to politicise the security sector — a circumstance that can be fatal to the realisation of a credible and legitimate election,” Tsvangirai said.

The former trade union leader, who has been pushing for stronger Sadc action in light of escalating tensions ahead of polls, is praying that Zuma remains “consistent and steadfast in facilitating dialogue on the implementation of the GPA”.

“He (Zuma) and his team have been excellent in their role and we hope they continue to demonstrate the same kind of leadership going forward,” he said.

Recently, Zuma was quoted saying: “All matters agreed upon in terms of the GPA are implemented speedily so that adequate preparations are made for a level playing field for the forthcoming elections.”

Zuma’s mediation team led by his International advisor Lindiwe Zulu—has come under attack from Zanu PF apologists who claim the regional powerhouse is interfering in Zimbabwe’s domestic issues.

Mugabe has refused to tinker with the security sector, which is widely regarded as the real power behind his continued rule.

Tsvangirai, who will once again battle it out with Mugabe in elections likely to be held by July, said going to polls without security sector reforms would spell doom for Zimbabwe, notwithstanding the recent adoption of a new constitution. – Staff Writer

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