Gono defends Sekeramayi


HARARE – Central Bank governor Gideon Gono yesterday rubbished reports that State Security minister, Sydney Sekeramayi had taken pot shots at him about the missing gold coins and shortage of change.

Sekeramayi was quoted in Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe where preparations were underway for the launch of a community share ownership scheme last week, allegedly saying Gono should answer questions about the missing gold coins and also stop meddling with indigenisation, and “make sure that we are not given biltong for change when we buy in the shops.”

“That is their area, not indigenisation,” Sekeramayi is said to have said.

But the Central Bank chief said he had no doubt in his mind that Sekeramayi never said that.

“Generally I don’t want to respond to issues that relate to what somebody else said in my absence,” Gono said.

“I have not seen where it has been reported that the honourable minister has said that. I know he wouldn’t say that, he will not say that because that will be far away from the facts and I know he always receives very accurate information.

“When it comes to financial matters, he would know where to get accurate information. And we have not discussed anything in that direction. So really, I would like to stand by him and say no, no, no don’t misquote him. He wouldn’t say that, okay.

“But you can go now and tell him that the governor was saying you wouldn’t say that because you are the custodian of the most accurate information and the correct information would have been knowing that they exist. So don’t abuse my minister like that,” said Gono.

The RBZ boss said he “subscribes fully, energetically and enthusiastically to the absolute necessity of transferring the general wealth of the country to the majority of the people of this country,” but added the Reserve Bank Act Chapter 22:05 Section 6 “obligates the governor and the central bank to be advisor to government on matters financial.” – Gift Phiri, Political Editor

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