Fire guts Sikhala’s office block


HARARE – A building housing Job Sikhala’s MDC99 offices and a restaurant was partly destroyed after a night blast that police are still investigating.

Chitungwiza police spokesperson Daniel Badza said: “I think it was an electrical fault although we are yet to establish the real cause.

“We are waiting for a forensic report and we have also called in people from the Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company to assist with investigations. Sikhala is alleging it is a bomb, though.”

The tough-talking Sikhala immediately claimed it was a petrol bomb attack, and called on his rivals to “stop this anarchy now”.

“I put the blame squarely on the Government of National Unity and they have to make sure this madness comes to an end as a matter of urgency,” Sikhala charged.

“This violence and arson should be stopped before it goes out of hand. I was awoken from my home by my security guard in the dead of night telling me my shop was on fire.

“This is a petrol bomb and we are not ruling anybody out at the moment. We might have ruffled a few feathers particularly because of our stance during the just-ended referendum and the contentious Cabinet golden handshakes.”

His MDC99 outfit was part of the “No” vote campaign during the just-ended constitutional referendum.

Sikhala said the “petrol bombing” of his business was a precursor to a violent election.

“Maybe they thought they would destroy my income but I can tell you this is just the beginning,” he said.

“Mugabe will not go quietly. He is not going to allow himself to be humiliated as happened in March 2008. Zimbabweans are going to suffer. If they can do this to someone like me who is not even going to contest, just wait and see what will happen to those willing to depose Mugabe.”

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