Indigenisation is for Zimbabweans


HARARE – Following the exposure of the Nieebgate Scandal by the Daily News, there has been a flurry of denials, deadly fight-backs, intimidation and threats on this newspaper’s investigative crew and editors but we remain unshaken.

In investigating the Nieebgate Scandal, we are keeping up with our motto: Telling it like it is, without fear, without favour.

The scandalous misinformation being peddled by those implicated in the Nieebgate Scandal through their surrogates is sickening.

In investigating the Nieebgate Scandal, the Daily News was certainly not targeting the empowerment programme, it was not targeting Zanu PF or any other political party and it was never targeting President Robert Mugabe.

The indigenisation programme is noble when implemented correctly and we agree with Mugabe that there were some anomalies in the implementation.

We believe the Zanu PF leadership and indeed the Government of Zimbabwe should thank us for exposing and stopping probably the biggest scandal ever to happen since independence.

The fact is that our resources were going to go for nothing.

The anomalies in the indigenisation deals signed between the National Indegenisation and Economic Empowerment Board (Nieeb) and the indigenised companies have fundamental flaws in favour of the companies and as a responsible newspaper, it is our duty to expose such misdemeanours.

Facts are stubborn. The Zimplats deal for example stinks to high heavens and we will maintain this stance.

It was Zimplats which was going to gain from the deal while government was going to get nothing.

A private consultancy firm, Brainworks Capital was going to earn up to $45 million on full completion of the Zimplats transaction according to the company’s mandate letter which was also signed by Nieeb.

Brainworks was appointed without going to tender, a fact which was confirmed by the Government Tender Board. All the other facts published by the Daily News are contained in the Brainworks documents.

But it seems there are some scandalous attempts to divert attention from the facts on the ground and make the Nieebgate Scandal political.

All we did as the Daily News is protect our nation from the people who wanted to loot the country’s resources. This surely, cannot be a Zanu PF issue or a case for any other political party.

As the Daily News, we will not be deterred and we will continue telling it like it is, without fear or favour.

Government should instead institute a commission of inquiry to probe the Nieebgate Scandal and expose those responsible for signing these shameful deals.

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