Ministers of shame!


HARARE – For four years Zimbabweans have funded a bloated government whose only meaningful contribution has been to stabilise the economy after years of haemorrhaging.

This is despite the fact that it had promised a lot, considering that new brooms in the form of ministers from the two opposition formations, who had promised change before the consummation of the inclusive government, joined Cabinet.

But apart from promising too much but delivering too little, our ministers have shown no respect for the electorate.

Instead of leading lifestyles that are consistent with realities on the ground and indeed that are in sync with their parties’ values, they have displayed a penchant for expensive and lavish lifestyles.

There is no moral reason for our ministers and their leaders — President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara — to agree to exit packages that milk the taxpayers as what has just been endorsed.

Ministers and their deputies are set to exit with swanky cars and residential stands in the upmarket suburbs at a time Zimbabweans are reeling from their failed policies.

This is a kick in the teeth for every Zimbabwean who has gone through trying times in the last four years as hope brought by the inclusive government slowly but surely faded.

Only last week, the same government raided local banks for referendum funds because its coffers where empty. This is why this decision is immoral.

We would have hoped that after stumping millions of scarce dollars on top-of-the-range vehicles, our ministers would see sense and respect the people.

But they have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that their selfish tastes come before the people’s needs.

What is surprising, however, is the fact that MDC ministers, who, for long, had held onto their principles, have joined the gravy train.

This is really disappointing and suicidal as history will judge them harshly.

Their behaviour smacks of people oblivious to the dangers of embracing such selfish and careless ideals.

This is election year and an angry electorate has no problems in showing its power by ditching such leaders.

The fact that Mugabe and his Zanu PF colleagues led expensive lifestyles for many years in previous governments does not give express right to those from both MDCs to join in the fray.

After all, two wrongs do not make a right! – Staff Writer

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