Chinamasa contradicts Mugabe


HARARE – Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa has contradicted President Robert Mugabe’s claims that the life of the current Parliament ends this month end.

Chinamasa, the deputy secretary for legal affairs in Zanu PF, told State media that the life of the current Parliament will come to an end at the end of June and not March 31 as stated by his boss.

“It is imperative to have the elections by June 29 because we will no longer have a Parliament by then and a country cannot be run without Parliament,” he said.

“The life of Parliament will not be extended and without it you cannot make laws hence the elections should have been held by the end of June.” Chinamasa was quoted as saying.

This is contrary to Mugabe’s assertion that Parliament will end by March 31 and that the country can run without a Parliament.

“There is no one really who can extend the term of office of Parliament. We may extend the term of office of the Executive to work in an acting capacity.

“We can never, never do anything without someone in government but we can do without someone in Parliament. We are aware of that,” said Mugabe.

Ironically both men gave their interviews from Rome, where they jointly attended the new Pope’s inaugural Mass.

Zimbabwe is supposed to go for elections “soon” after a draft constitution viewed as the foundation to credible election won approval in a referendum held on Saturday. – Xolisani Ncube

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