Cop gets 4 years for sodomy


HARARE – A Harare police officer will spend the next four years in prison for sodomy.

Taruvinga Chadenga was found guilty of aggravated indecent assault.

Magistrate Noel Mupeiwa said though 32-year-old Chadenga is married, he sought sexual gratification from someone of the same sex hence deserved time behind bars.

Mupeiwa said through this heinous act, the cop assaulted the dignity of the man he sodomised and has caused him serious psychological trauma.

“He is supposed to uphold the law and ordinary people should seek refuge from him but what they got is abuse,” the magistrate.

Facts are that on January 22 this year, Chadenga, who was based at Tomlinson Depot, went to his 22 year-old victim’s workplace in the city centre to buy ox-blood shoe polish.

Since the two men knew each other, the complainant offered Chadenga the only available tin at  the house in Budiriro 5  suburb and asked him to return for the other tin on a different day.

On his return, Chadenga decided to sleep over at the house since it was late and shared the same bed and blankets with the complainant, who woke to find Chadenga sodomising him.

The complainant asked Chadenga why he was acting in such a way but the cop had already sodomised him.

Chadenga’s victim told his housemates, who reported the matter to Budiriro police. – Helen Kadirire

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