Peter Moyo won’t budge to pressure


HARARE – Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo says he is not in a hurry to release his first album despite mounting pressure from certain quarters.

Moyo, the son of sungura legend Tongai Moyo, who passed on in 2011 after battling with non-Hodgkin cancer, told the Daily News that pressure for him to drop his debut album which is set for release before June, was not coming from his fans.

“My fans understand me better; they are always encouraging me”, said the 23-year-old artiste.

“My followers have told me to take my time so that I produce a quality album; I am very impressed by their patience.

“I have to admit that I have been frustrated by the pressure coming from other people who are piling pressure on me to release my debut album so that they can compare my project to that of my late father.

“All these people want is to prove that my father’s shoes are too big for me. They just want to discourage me,” said the 23-year-old vocalist.

The young sungura rookie says his loyal fans already know the songs on the forthcoming album.

“They know all the new songs because we always play them in our concerts. I am a professional artiste; I do not want to compete with anyone but only to entertain my fans.

“I will take my time to do my work and no one should hurry me or tell me how to do my job,” said an emotional Moyo.

The sungura singer added that the success he has registered on stage since taking over the leadership of Utakataka Express has made people forget he is still a novice.

“I am only two years old in the industry and I am failing to understand why people are piling unnecessary pressure on me.

“Why do people not mount pressure on some seasoned musicians in this country who take three to four years without releasing an album? Why me?” asked the youthful Moyo.

Moyo refused to disclose the people he collaborated with on the yet-to be-released album.

“The album to be released before elections is a surprise package. After the release of the album, fans and the ever-pestering media will then know who did what on the album,” he said. – Vasco Chaya

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