Maisiri was murdered: MDC


HARARE – Unsatisfied with police investigations into the brutal murder of a 12-year -old boy in Headlands, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC says it will engage international private investigators as tensions escalate ahead of elections.

Police ruled out foul play in the death of Christpower Maisiri, who died in an inferno at their homestead two weeks ago, but Tsvangirai’s party claims this is a cover-up bid for Zanu PF.

“There is high probability that ammonium nitrate and tobacco chemicals exploded during the fire. No foul play is suspected,” police spokesperson Charity Charamba said.

“Forensic experts did their analysis combined with police investigations and no foul play is suspected.”
While the MDC insists that there was foul play in the inferno that killed the schoolboy, police have ruled out arson.

President Robert Mugabe during his birthday celebrations accused the MDC of fabricating cases of political violence, chuckling that the MDC is now claiming anyone who would have died to be its member.

Last week on Saturday, Tsvangirai led top MDC officials to Headlands to bury the boy at a funeral that was snubbed by Zanu PF leaders who had earlier claimed Maisiri’s father Shepherd was their own.

Christpower’s father Shepherd is seeking to challenge the powerful Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa for the position of MP for Headlands and last week harrowingly narrated the ordeals that his son faced during his short and tumultuous life at the hands of Zanu PF activists, some who raped his wife.

Douglas Mwonzora, the MDC spokesperson told the Daily News that police did a sloppy investigation as they failed to arrest a single person who suspected have lit the house where Maisiri and his siblings slept on the fateful night.

 “We maintain that there was foul play in the death of Christpowers,” Mwonzora charged. “If anything, police investigations have been very shoddy and amount to a cover-up for Zanu PF.

“They have not arrested people alleged to have committed the crime. Since the police have failed to do their job adequately we call upon international investigators to come in and also do their own investigations.”

Roping in private investigators is allowed under the country laws.

Mwonzora, who is also a lawyer by profession, said police investigations into the death of Maisiri are “very unsatisfactory” and alleged they failed to do the basics.

“The investigations by the police were unsatisfactory,” Mwonzora said.

“They did not look at the circumstantial incidences, like the fact that this guy has been threatened before. In terms of the law, police have to consider such aspects and question people who would have made such threats.”

“These attackers came and attacked Maisiri’s dogs first before they set the house on fire. The police simply want to exonerate Zanu PF from the obvious.”

Tendai Biti, the MDC secretary general last week said he was prepared to be sued by a senior Zanu PF official he accuses of having instigated party supporters to burn Maisiri’s home.

“This arson is a crime against humanity and therefore we are pursuing this matter domestically and internationally,” said Mwonzora.

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