Stop child rapists!


HARARE – We are outraged by the rape and murder of 10-year-old Stacy Munjoma.

As citizens of this beautiful country, we implore government to urgently do something to stand up against rape.

We find it unacceptable that the police insisted that the Munjoma family wait seven days before they start probing her disappearance.

We abhor all forms of sexual assault on any person, young or old, and we have consistently shone light on this scourge where we have found it.

As a community, we ought to be ashamed that we continue to look the other way as rapists and paedophiles roam our streets scot-free.

We therefore urge the police to run an operation similar to the ones they eagerly enforce against commercial sex workers to nip this scourge in the bud.

The judiciary should spring to action and impose stiffer sentences on rapists.

The only way to combat the crime is by providing prosecutors with evidence, so rapists can be removed from society.

We want to use our influence to mobilise society in the wake of Stacy’s ordeal.

According to the Victim Friendly Unit, 2 400 girls were raped between January and October last year alone! That’s unacceptable.

Zimbabweans need to take collective responsibility in the fight against sexual crimes.

Somehow, somewhere there must be a tipping point where society is so convulsed by a collective anger over rape that we begin to turn the tide against this terrible scourge.

When will that tipping point come? It should have come long ago.

Rape would not cease if society ignores it.

Each of us needs to ask what we can do to stop this awful trend. And then we must act accordingly. You can help.

When is enough, enough?

We urge the few women we have in Parliament, in the Judiciary and in the Executive, to get up from their comfort zones and do more work that will ensure the safety of the girl child.

These girls are tomorrow’s leaders.

We implore every one of us to stand up, speak out. Help us turn this evil around once and for all.

A people that does not respect its women, does not respect the nation. Stacy was raped, and left for dead in a field. This must be the last such crime.

The crime of rape may happen in private, but it is a public scourge that needs more attention and more solutions.

We believe it should be up to victims to decide whether to involve the police.

But unless they do, the threat posed by a rapist could be moved elsewhere, putting others in jeopardy. – Staff Writer

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