Mujuru gets it right on indigenisation


HARARE – Empowerment and the land reform are the two major decisions taken by President Robert Mugabe’s government which Zanu PF says are noble and just.

But the hullaballoo surrounding the Zimplats deal in which Brainworks Capital, an advisory firm which stands to benefit from a multi-million dollar windfall for its role in the deal, does cruelly expose the loopholes in the empowerment programme just like what happened in the chaotic agrarian reforms of 2000.

We have nothing against Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere and the programme but we are concerned by the way the Zimplats deal has raised a stink, a stink which we cannot ignore in our endeavour to protect our country from vultures.

Our sister paper, the Daily News has been running a series of stories exposing how indigenisation deals were parcelled out in sweetheart deals that saw companies such as Brainworks Capital getting an advisory role in a multi-million dollar Zimplats takeover deal without going to tender.

This is why we welcome remarks by acting President Joice Mujuru who warned her colleagues in Zanu PF, against plundering the resources at the expense of the poor and deserving majority.

Mujuru chose the burial of the late envoy John Mayowe to fire a broadside at those who have been despairingly trying to defend the Brainworks Capital and the Zimplats deal.

“Let me state that empowerment and indigenisation are not mutually exclusive. We should be practical and flexible enough to know when to emphasise or the other without compromising the thrust of the noble ideological position.

“We need to hold dear our God-given resources so that they can benefit all our people, not just a few individuals,” said Mujuru.

Zimbabwe is not for a few connected individuals neither does it belong to a pocket of people whose claim to plunder is hobnobbing with Zanu PF or Mugabe.

Kasukuwere should have known from the beginning that all eyes would be on him because programmes such as these need more than just getting a nod from Mugabe; they need an endorsement of the people. He cannot claim to have wolves at his doorstep when his actions invited them.

Mujuru is right because we cannot fold our hands when our resources are going for a song.

She cannot keep quiet when Zanu PF’s election trump card is being shredded as a result of selfishness and greed.

We don’t care about Zanu PF’s internal politics.

All we care for and crave is a Zimbabwe with rich resources that contribute to the well being and prosperity of its populace. Nothing more, nothing less! – Staff Writer

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