Help us get rid of Satanists: Prison boss


HARARE – Zimbabwe Prisons Service (ZPS) boss Paradzai Zimondi has pleaded with “men of God” to help rid Harare Remand Prison of Satanists.

Zimondi was speaking to delegates attending a stakeholder’s conference in Harare yesterday.

“I appeal to you men of God, we have a problem of Satanists here, there are only two of them (and) we want them out of here as soon as possible,” Zimondi said.

Democratic Republic of Congo nationals George Rene Lungange and Ngendo Brangsto have made headlines for confessing to Satanism and demanding permission to start a congregation in Zimbabwe.

“We do not want them here,” Zimondi said, while pleading with pastors who were part of the stakeholders.

Delegates also learnt that one person had been added to the 76 people on the death row but ZPS said it was not keen on killing offenders. – Thelma Chikwanha, Features Editor

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