Mum furious over maintenance rejection


HARARE – A magistrate was left in shock after a Harare woman, in a fit of rage, threw her toddler on the floor before asking for poison to kill herself after the court rejected her maintenance bid.

Priscilla Toga had approached the civil court seeking an increase in the maintenance fee paid by the father of her daughter.

Toga wanted the court to increase the monthly payments from $25 to $150, claiming she was having trouble sustaining the child on such a pittance.

“When Shelton Muchabaiwa deposits the money into my account, the bank takes $10 and I am left with $15, which is not enough. If he thinks the money he is giving me is adequate, I should give him the child for one day for him to see if the money he gives me will sustain him for the whole month,” Toga told the court.

After the court rejected her bid on the basis that there were no new circumstances, a furious Toga left the court room, throwing the baby on the concrete floor.

Court orderlies had to restrain her after she started shouting profanities on top of her voice.

Toga was later handcuffed but continued to shout.

“I would rather rot in prison than for him to continue abusing me to this extent. How can he tell me to accept $25 every month while he goes on and marries another woman,” Toga shouted.

While under arrest at a police post at the courts, Toga asked officers to get her some poison to kill herself. – Helen Kadirire

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