Zanu PF activists stand trial for murder


HARARE – Four suspected Zanu PF activists are set to stand trial today at the High Court for allegedly murdering “a political sell-out” during the 2008 bloody presidential election run-off.

Nobert Muzhingi, Thabani Mashonganyika, Sikhumbuzo Madhuveko and Mangisi Mutandavari are all facing murder charges. A suspected accomplice, Stabiliser Kadafi is still on the run.

The court heard the now deceased, whose name was not mentioned in the State papers, left home for a beer drink at Chidhuri Buffalo, Kadoma, in August 2008.

It is alleged he was approached by the five men, who were in the company of Lovemore Nyikadzino, Tinashe Makaurire and Paul Muzenda.

The gang allegedly took him to a nearby bush where they forced him to lie down as they took turns to assault him using a switch.

They accused him of being a political sell-out and giving evidence against them in an assault case during the presidential election run-off.

After the brutal assault, the court heard they ordered the man to vacate his place of residence, before instructing patrons at the bar to assist in the eviction process.

It is further alleged the gang later went to the now deceased’s house at 8pm and continued with the assaults, before force marching him to a nearby milling company, owned by a white man, declaring that it was now his new home.

The man died a few moments after being dumped at his house by the gang who realised that he was now having breathing and walking difficulties.

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