Sodomy victim mentally affected


HARARE – A psychiatrist has told the court that a 10-year-old deaf boy who was allegedly sodomised by a bank manager was mentally affected and is now making sexual advances to fellow pupils.

Dickson Chibanda, a Harare Hospital Psychiatrist said this yesterday, during the trial of George Wekwete, 38, an NMB bank manager who allegedly sodomised the minor and showered him with gifts to buy his silence.

Wekwete is facing four counts of aggravated indecent assault charges.

“His (the boy’s) condition has deteriorated. The child has become withdrawn, he is isolating himself from others and has developed poor eating habits,” Chibanda said.

“I received reports that he was becoming aggressive and is making sexual advances to his fellows, until he was admitted to the psychiatric ward for the first time.”

Chibanda also said during the boy’s admission at the psychiatric ward he continued to make sexual advances and his behaviour was synonymous with that of a sexually abused person.

The court heard the boy would sneak out of Emerald Hill School of the Deaf going to Wekwete’s house where the abuse took place between July and October last year.

It is alleged the offence came to light after an official at Emerald Hill Children’s Home discovered that the boy was having difficulties in walking and was bringing food every time he sneaked out of school premises.

The boy was taken for a medical examination where it was discovered that he had been abused, leading to Wekwete’s arrest. – Ivan Zhakata

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