Zanu PF provincial chairperson equates Mugabe to Jesus


BULAWAYO – In an apparent bootlicking crusade that has become synonymous with Zanu PF officials, Bulawayo provincial chairperson Killian Sibanda has equated President Robert Mugabe to Jesus Christ.

Sibanda who was elected into the position late last year said Mugabe was like Jesus, brought on earth to deliver people out of the political and economic mess.

Addressing a rally in Ndebele meant to garner support for Zanu PF politburo member — retired colonel Tshinga Dube in Makokoba on Saturday, Sibanda said: “As we are heading for elections, people should vote for no one except president Mugabe.”

Sibanda told approximately 200 supporters: “president Mugabe is like Jesus. Why I say that, it is because Jesus was sent by God to come and deliver us from our sins, similarly our President was sent by God to come and save the people of Zimbabwe from all the challenges we face today.

“So as from today know that our president Robert Mugabe is just like Jesus.”

Sibanda said the worst betrayal people in Zimbabwe would do was to vote for the “opposition MDCs into power.”

Ever since the MDCs got into the inclusive government the country was further driven into the abyss.

Sibanda said all the key ministries such as Energy, Education, Industry, Water among others are in the hands of the MDCs which confirms why the people of Zimbabwe are suffering.

“When the opposition parties come here they tell you about how Gukurahundi killed the people of Matabeleland and Midlands — that is nonsense.

“So if they come again ask them whether they are going to resurrect those victims,” Sibanda said.

Speaking at the same rally Dube lashed out at the MDC’s level of inefficiency in the inclusive government while urging party supporters to vote for Zanu PF for the sound economic restoration.

On Saturday Dube donated 25 bicycles and 250kgs of maize to the Zanu PF’s leadership in the constituency.

In 2008, Dube was a bitter man after he dismally lost the elections after having “wasted” thousands of dollars during campaigns.

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