Workers mob Chinese employer


HARARE – Ex-employees of a Chinese-owned construction company have sought the help of the Chinese Embassy to resolve a payment dispute with their former employer.

The Daily News caught up with 12 of the workers at the Chinese economic and commercial counsellor’s office yesterday.

They said they were now tired of the ill-treatment they got from Sun Yalin, the owner Shanxi Corporation, where they were employed.

Workers representatives said 18 of the workers came from a holiday break on January 14 to be told they had been retrenched.

“Imagine being told you are out of a job just like that,” said Mwadiwa Mubvanezuva, the workers union chairperson.

“We told him to give us three months’ notice salary, which he has not done by now.

How are we supposed to survive and support our families? He is cruel,” said Mubvanezuva.

Workers accused Yalin of being so tight-fisted that he gave them 50 cents each for lunch and does not provide safety clothing.

It was not possible to get comment from Yalin who was mobbed by the irate workers.  – Bridget Mananavire

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