Makosi hits out at critics, wants to meet Mugabe


HARARE – The former UK Big Brother star Makosi Musambasi has slammed her critics as cowards as she defended her open support for President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party.

Makosi, now back in Zimbabwe, has told New she would like to meet Mugabe one day, claiming: “Who doesn’t? Even Barack Obama wants to meet Robert Mugabe.”

The busty former nurse found herself in the middle of an Internet storm after posting a picture which showed her shielding herself from the intense African heat under a Gushungo Clothing umbrella.

Gushungo Clothing, which apparently has Mugabe’s seal of approval, was launched two years ago and it now produces a range of products from T-Shirts, overalls, caps to umbrellas all bearing the Zanu PF leader’s signature and image.

Makosi said: “There are a lot of cowards among us. A lot of people want to sit on the fence, nobody wants to be identified with where they actually belong.

“People say one thing in public, another in private. Zimbabwe is the hardest environment to live in because if you come out with who you are, you are stoned for it.

“At the end of the day it’s my umbrella, (Mugabe) is who I want to see on my umbrella. I put who I want.”

The 32-year-old said she had been shocked to read claims that she had joined the Zanu PF Women’s League.

“This stuff about Women’s League, I don’t know what happens in the Women’s League,” she said.

Makosi intends to register as a voter ahead of general elections set to be held within the next three months.

“I have never voted, I’m a ballot virgin. I hope to vote this year. I imagine a lot of youths who have never voted will also be doing the same.

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“If we continue to approach politics as this fierce animal not be spoken of, then not a lot of people will go out and vote, so people should put on their umbrellas and be proud to say where they belong,” she said.

Makosi once claimed asylum in the UK concerned about possible vigilante attacks in Zimbabwe after a lesbian snog on the hit TV show. She said Zimbabweans had a low opinion of lesbians and in the intense media coverage in the period following her appearance on the Channel 4 show, her safety could not be guaranteed in Harare.

Asylum judges allowed her appeal to stay, but she was prevented from re-entering the UK from a visit to Nigeria in February last year over problems with her passport. — New Zimbabwe

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