Batai Munhu craze stalks Seychelles


HARARE – Suluman Chimbetu’s hit Sean Timba is without doubt Zimbabwe’s song of the moment but will it have clout to upstage Seychelles’ popular contombly music this weekend?

The Dendera musician backed by his 10-man Orchestra Dendera Kings will leave Zimbabwe tonight to participate in the Victoria international Cultural Carnival that begins this Friday on the Indian Ocean Island.

Sulu, who had a fairly successful tour of the United Kingdom late, last year, is confident that Batai Munhu fever will leave Seychelles spell-bound.

Orchestra Dendera Kings publicist Joe Nyamungoma told the Daily News that Seychelles’ allure proved too tempting though they received an eleventh-hour invitation.

“We received a late invitation from the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) to perform at this international event but we just couldn’t say no”, said Nyamungoma.

“Regrettably we have to cancel local shows we had lined up this weekend. This is a rare opportunity which might never come our way again. We apologise because our fans will miss the opportunity to dance to Batai Munhu (Sean Timba) this weekend but I am sure our fans will understand”.

The group was supposed to perform in Karoi and at Mushandirapamwe Hotel this weekend.

“When we return from Seychelles we are going to arrange compensatory gigs because we feel for our fans”.

Sulu and the Zimbabwean delegation that will represent the country at the carnival are expected back in the country on February 13.

ZTA spokesperson Sugar Chagonda is convinced that Sulu is the right choice.

“We chose Sulu Chimbetu because his music has an international appeal. Remember music is a cultural vehicle.We believe that Sulu, through his music, will effectively market the country,” said Chagonda.

Chagonda added that Zimbabwe was delighted to be returning to the annual event once more.

“The event is participated by a number of countries including Zimbabwe and last year we won the International Best Float award.

“In 2012 we went with a traditional dancing group and this time around Sulu is the country’s ambassador”. – Vasco Chaya

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