Zimbabwe’s $217 fiscus


HARARE – Zimbabwe has been trending high on twitter for the past days, thanks to Finance minister Tendai Biti’s confession that he was presiding over a national fiscus of $217.

People from around the globe have taken to twitter to mock mineral-rich Zimbabwe for being such a basket case.

With the poverty datum line hovering above $500, most Zimbabwean families are living in dire straits.

But for a country endowed with arguably the largest alluvial diamond deposits in the world, gold and other minerals, some may wonder where all the money is going.

Biti has in the past claimed money from the precious stones was ending in some people’s pockets instead of Treasury.

Recently an investigation by Zanu PF on one of their officials in Manicaland proved the money from diamonds was being used to sponsor the political party’s activities.

The lowest paid civil servants are getting $298 per month.

However, Biti is now downplaying the $217 balance issue, claiming it was a metaphor, but the damage has already been done.

Below are some of the tweets and retweets on Zimbabwe in many languages.  The new joke is now on Zimbabwe’s broke situation.

Westhunders’s tweet was:  “Zimbabwe how low can you go! How low can you go!!! Lol”

McAleavey94 said: “At this point in time I am richer than Zimbabwe because I have more than £139 in my bank account.”

Musty_yaks Official: “The government of Zimbabwe has just $217 left in the bank. Loooool.”

CliffLeFou RT @YourAnonNews: “If you have more than $217.00 you have more money than Zimbabwe CaptainSaicin RT @CLKii: @YourAnonNews: “Yo momma so poor she got outbid at an auction by Zimbabwe.” – Bridget Mananavire

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