Mujuru shoots down Zimplats workers’ demands


HARARE – Vice President Joice Mujuru has shot down demands by Zimplats employees that their employer foot their electricity and water bills.

Mujuru reminded the employees that they were lucky to be employed by such an employer who continually strives to improve their welfare.

“Ehe tirikunzwa zvedu kuti pane kakunyunyuta pakati penyu vekambani nevashandi zvichienderana nemagetsi nemvura. Aaah, tirikumbowana hedu zvekutaura titomborimo mumba macho (Yes we have heard that there are concerns between you (Zimplats) and employees over the water and electricity bills. We actually are complaining when we at least have houses to stay).”

“There are other mines, not just in Zimbabwe, where employees have lost their lives fighting employers for not doing anything to improve their welfare.

“Where would you have acquired a house worth $12 000 with water and a toilet being paid over 15 years? Anyway we will not be at pains to discuss these two small outstanding issues,” said Mujuru.

Mujuru was speaking at the official handover of Zimplats employee home ownership scheme in Ngezi on Wednesday.

The scheme, which targets 2 957 housing units being built at the Turf Village in Ngezi, is expected to be complete by 2015.

At least 1 632 units will belong to Zimplats while employees will own the remaining 1 325 core houses.

 Five hundred of the over 650 completed houses have since been occupied.

Zimplats recently commissioned a 35 00 mega litre dam as part of its expansion plan.

The VP appealed Zimplats to complement government efforts towards food and nutrition security by sharing its dam and assisting its community with irrigation infrastructure.

Zimplats chief executive officer Alex Mhembere said the company thrives on fulfilling values of community empowerment.

“In line with our values, we are also focusing on capacitating the Mhondoro-Ngezi council which will be our board if we are granted a town status. We have also roped in a local women cooperative which will have moulded eight million bricks by the end of the housing project,” said Mhembere.

Zimplats, two weeks ago, issued its employees with a 10 percent stake under the community share ownership trust programme. – Wendy Muperi

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