Zimra move welcome but…


HARARE – The move by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) to introduce the registration of vehicles being imported into the country at border posts is long overdue.

It has always been said that the current system, where people who import vehicles have to buy temporary number plates at the border or travel without number plates to their towns and cities —has been fuelling corruption.

Granting of vehicle licences in most cities in the country has been causing unnecessary inconveniences to the motorists as they are sometimes harassed by the police when they travel from the borders to their homes.

We hope Zimra’s commissioner-general, Gershem Pasi, will be sincere in his announcement this week that they will create a one-stop shop clearance office for imported motor vehicles and ensure the move is put into practice.

“This year, we look forward to initiating motor vehicle registration at ports of entry and exit so that our valued clients leave the border with the imported vehicles already fitted with Zimbabwean number plates,” said Pasi during commemorations to mark International Customs Day.

Zimra has assured us that it is engaging all relevant departments in vehicle clearance to ensure there is full compliance with the country’s laws.

Once the implementation of the initiative is in place, it will mean that motor vehicle importers leave the ports of entry with all the relevant documents, including number plates, thus making life easier for everyone concerned.

While we welcome this noble move by the country’s tax collector, our main worry is on the execution stage and we would like to urge the commissioner-general to walk the talk.

Over the past few years, Zimbabweans have been known for crafting some of the most brilliant ideas on the continent but always fall short on the implementation side.

At the onset of dollarisation, the Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) assured foreign investors and anyone who cared to listen that they will reduce the number of days on starting a business in the country from 45 days to five days.

Some four years down the line, we are yet to witness the five-day feat promised to us by ZIA.

Foreign investors or even local people who have gone through the process of starting a company will tell you of the nightmare they have had at the hands of ZIA.

It is this lack of action that is dragging us down as a nation. – Staff Writer

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