Parks advertises top post


HARARE – National Parks and Wildlife Management has advertised for the post of director-general following the untimely death of Vitalis Chadenga in September last year.

Chadenga collapsed and died in Bulawayo while attending a Zimbabwe-Botswana joint permanent commission.

The deceased assumed the post of director-general in May 2010 after the incumbent Morris Mutsambiwa’s tenure had expired.

The authority which is viewed as being sympathetic to Zanu PF bigwigs was responsible for allocating members of the former ruling party with large tracts of land in conservancies and granting them hunting licences.

The in-coming director-general  will not only have the responsibility of executing anti-poaching initiatives and preserving the country’s fauna and flora but will also need to change investors’ perspective of the national body to boost the sector.

Last year, chaos arose after the wildlife authority failed to issue hunting licences to safari operators.

The trophy hunting industry constitutes 80 percent of the industry’s total exports to the United States.

Management of the country’s wildlife resources will ensure that present and future generations enjoy their natural habitat, while also maintaining a portion of land outside protected areas under the authority.

Zimbabwe presently has a wildlife- based land reform policy with the aim of ensuring conservation and sustainable use of wildlife.

Perceived country risk, absence of working capital and dilapidated infrastructure over the past decade has hindered any significant development in the tourism industry.

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