Headmaster meets Snr Lecturer


HARARE – It is not everyday that an experienced headmaster gets to share the stage with an all-knowing senior lecturer but that is exactly what will happen at Jazz 105 on Friday.

Sungura godfather Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria who is popularly known as the Senior Lecturer will play on the same bill with the Headmaster Bob Nyabinde in a concert comprising experienced entertainers.

The Senior Lecturer, who will also be playing at the Jazz 105 for the first time, told the Daily News that Friday’s show will present him with a perfect opportunity to showcase his recently released six-track album Kurapa Nemazwi.

“This will help promote my new album which most of my fans are still craving for”, said the Senior Lecturer.

“I am happy that l will get an opportunity to attract new listeners as well as sharing the stage with Nyabinde”.

Nyabinde whose nickname was coined in recognition of his many years as a primary school headmaster is no stranger to the Jazz 105 scene.

Jazz 105 proprietor Josh Hozheri is excited by the prospect of hosting Zakaria and other artistes such as sungura superstar Alick Macheso and his sibling Zakaria.

“Seventy percent of artistes who perform at Jazz 105 are Jazz artistes”, Hozheri.

“We are particularly delighted to be bringing in a sungura artiste Madzibaba, we would like to break the monotony of hosting mostly jazz artistes. We are adapting to demand that is why we are now trying to accommodate other genres”.

“We deliberately want the two (Madzibaba and Nyabinde) to share the stage in recognition of their professionalism and maturity.

“Madzibaba is highly respected because of the role he has played in mentoring many sungura artistes while Nyabinde the headmaster is a veteran entertainer”.

Hozheri told the Daily News that the Nyabinde-Zakaria match-up will be a precursor to his bigger First Gig on January 25 at the Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza.

“We want to give people a foretaste of what to expect in the main event where Jah Prayzah, Suluman Chimbetu, Nicholas Zakaria and the Dembo brothers will perform” he said. – Bryn Gumbo

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