Popcaan concert organisers duped


HARARE – Organisers of the recent Popcaan concert believe that only half of the people who watched the popular Jamaican’s New Year Eve show paid.

The joint organisers of the show Clint Robinson and Patson “Chipaz” Chimbodza made the claims in the wake of the arrest of three people in connection with selling counterfeit tickets for the Jamaican star’s much-hyped show.

Robinson told the Daily News yesterday that they caught the counterfeiters on the night of the concert.
“We caught people who were selling fake tickets outside the venue and we took them to the police”, said the C and A boss.

“When they were interrogated they revealed that there was someone giving them the tickets and we also found a laptop with scanned tickets in it.

“They were very thorough as they put bar codes and C and A and Chipaz stamps on the tickets. This made the tickets look real. I believe they work in syndicates.

“They capitalise when those manning the entry points are busy. You know at that point they will be looking at the tickets and not really scrutinising so it will be difficult to spot a fake ticket,” he said.

The promoter however refused to disclose the names of the arrested for fear of undermining the legal process.

“It will interfere with the investigations. I can only give you details of what happened and not the names.”

Robinson said at the end of the show he was disappointed when the gate takings did not match the number of people at the venue.

“The venue was packed and when we counted the money from ticket sales I was disappointed, the number of people and the money did not tally.

“I think we got 50 percent of the money that we expected, with the other 50 being pocketed by the pirates. This prompted me to visit the ticket selling points a few days later, only to realise that they still had tickets, yet the venue was packed.

“My assumption was that the tickets were sold out. I was disappointed and the next time I hold a show, there will be no advance tickets, people will have to buy on the day at the venue,” he said.

He added that having a partner when promoting a gig can be quiet useful as two heads are better than one.

“It was useful to work with Chipaz as he promotes so many local shows and he knows how some of these pirates work. We had people on the ground monitoring the situation and that is how we caught them.

“I think the problem has always been there, even at the P-Square show I heard that before tickets were out, someone was already selling them.

“It’s a big problem when you are conducting the gig as an individual you feel the pinch as you would have pumped out your own money.”

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