Fungisai in futile plea for peace


HARARE – Gospel star Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave who faced a harsh fan backlash over her decision to pull out of the recent Shingisai Suluma show, has begged in vain to Red Rose Entertainment for a compensatory Easter gig.

Fungisai opted out of the welcome concert for the America-based Suluma at the Harare International Conference Centre on December 29 last year because she was unwilling to be a supporting act.

In her text message to Red Rose Entertainment director Barbara Chikosi seen by the Daily News, a conciliatory Fungisai pleaded for an opportunity to make amends.

“Whatever I did, I never meant to be at war with you”, wrote the gospel star.

“I was just protecting my brand and giving (it) the respect it’s worth. Maybe you can plan an Easter gig for us but on an equal setting if it is ok with you…It’s water under the bridge anyway and I will make the best out of it”.

The Makomborero hit-maker’s plea for a show has however been snubbed by a sceptical Chikosi.

“I am not planning for such a gig and even if I manage to, I would be afraid to engage her since she can pull out again at the eleventh hour,” she said.

Fungisai allegedly snubbed Suluma’s welcome gig because she was unhappy with the concert’s poster on which she was dwarfed by the America-based Suluma.

According to Chikosi, Fungisai decided against participating because she was unhappy with the layout of the poster.

“She was unhappy with the way we designed our poster. On the poster Shingisai’s picture was bigger than that of Fungisai, a development which did not go down well with her (Fungisai).

“Fungisai is claiming to be bigger than Mai Suluma in popularity, maybe that was the reason why she snubbed the event,” said Chikosi.

The Red Rose Entertainment director is furious because she claims it was Fungisai who approached her seeking an opportunity to perform in Shingisai’s Welcome Party but only to pullout due to a mere poster.

Efforts to get a comment from Fungisai proved fruitless yesterday but last she told the Daily News that she was not at liberty to divulge the reasons behind her pull out of the Suluma show.

At the time a diplomatic Suluma also spurned attempts to provide an insight into why Fungisai had refused to share the stage with her.

“Fungisai told me that she was not going to perform at the event. She stated reasons which I am not at liberty to reveal but I think if you contact Mai Red Rose and her you will get your answers,” said Suluma then. – Entertainment Writers

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