Dynamos board clears air on Kazembe


HARARE – The Dynamos board of directors has accepted the resignation of secretary general Ray Kazembe, insisting that contrary to media reports, his departure has not sparked instability at the club.

The board’s secretary, Chris Kasiyazi, dismissed media reports that the board has resorted to persuade Kazembe to reverse his decision to quit his job at the record Zimbabwe champions.

Kazembe is widely regarded as the driving force behind the Glamour Boys’ back-to-back league and cup double success in the last two seasons, but Kasiyazi yesterday asserted the club was sufficiently-equipped to guarantee more success in the post-Kazembe area.

“Yes, he tendered his registration last week, and as the board, we have decided to move on,” Kasiyazi told the Daily News yesterday. “What has happened is we have put in place an acting secretary general (the club’s vice-chairman Webster Chikengezha) and he is doing his job very well.

“We have taken into account what he (Kazembe) has done for the club, but as a club, we need to move on. When people come in, the next thing is to move out. He has given his reasons, which are family and business commitments. We have accepted that. He can still assist the club as and when he can.”

Kasiyazi added that the 19-times Zimbabwe champions will soon review the position, revealing that Chikengezha might take over as secretary general on a fulltime basis if he impresses the board.

“At the moment he is doubling,” said Kasiyazi. “As things stand, we are in no rush to appoint a substantive SG. We might get a replacement, but if he (Chikengezha) proves to be good, he will switch roles. We will review the position in a couple of weeks. If the executive need the assistance of the board, we are ready to assist.”

Fear was rife in Dynamos circles that Kazembe’s departure would disrupt the club’s continuing efforts to sign new players to bolster their squad for the African Champions League and domestic campaign this year.

Kazembe is credited with single-handedly driving the club’s recruitment exercise, which brought success in the last two seasons.

Kasiyazi, however, refused to credit a single individual for the effort.

“Normally, if you work as individual, it creates problems. Surely, there was someone who knew what was going on and is ready to take over. There has been a misconception that an individual was doing all the work on his own, so his departure has left us in a crisis. For strategic reasons, the executive has been working together. It’s not a crisis. Things are moving swiftly. Of course, certain individuals will always stand out, but I really don’t see as crisis.”

On the recruitment of players, Kasiyazi appealed to fellow PSL clubs to release players on the Glamour Boys target list. Dynamos have been left frustrated in its effort to build a strong team for the Champions League campaign after rival clubs demanded deterrent transfer fees.

 “It’s quite tricky, what you always want to say is we are trying to raise the country’s flag high in the Champions League. I hope executives from other clubs understand this. Of course, there is the issue of club rivalry. If possible, we would only use the players in the Champions League. But surely, some the figures that have been quoted, you ask yourself, are these guys out of their mind or something?,” said Kasiyazi.

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