Over 100 corrupt cops nabbed


HARARE – Police have nabbed over 100 police officers in Harare alone for corruption, a top commander has said.

Addressing hundreds of people gathered for the re-launch of the police service charter in Highfield yesterday, officer commanding Harare province Clemence Munoriyarwa, said dishonesty by some police officers had contributed to mistrust by member of the public.

Senior police officers said they are receiving numerous complaints of corruption against their members especially those assigned to the traffic department.

“For the period January to December 2012 a total of 103 members were arrested for being involved in corrupt activities.

Of these, 32 were tried at criminal courts and 60 under the Police Act and a total 11 members have so far been discharged from the force for being unsuitable for police duties,” said the Harare police boss.

The service charter is a social contract between the police and members of the public which was initially launched in 1995 and seeks to build public confidence.

“We are cognisant of the fact that corruption has been the fundamental factor contributing to the undermining of our service charter.

 “We are aware that there are some of our members who disregard these values by engaging in corruption and other acts of misconduct.

“ As a province, we have adopted an aggressive and ruthless approach against corrupt members,” he said.
Turning to elections to be held most likely in June, the police boss said the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe should be respected.

Non-governmental organisations and some religious organisations have in the past accused police of selective application of the law, particularly during election periods.

Yesterday, Munoriyarwa called for peace, saying politicians should respect the people’s wishes.

“We are aware that previous elections were characterised by violence and we will soon be having the exercise again. Zimbabwe should be peaceful, Zimbabwe should develop and Zimbabwe should prosper. The peoples’ aspirations should come first,” he said.

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