Zhakata’s guitarist drops second album


HARARE – Leonard Zhakata’s lead guitarist Antony Bizeki has released his second album with the blessing of the award-winning zora star.

Despite the general reluctance by many popular Zimbabwean musicians to sanction members of their backing groups to release solo projects, Zhakata allowed Bizeki to release his second offering backed by the Mugove singer’s Zimbabwe All Stars.

The seven-track album titled Kuve Mai was released by the Zimbabwe Music Corporation and is a sequel to his 2004 album Muromo Chibayo.

Plug tracks on the album include Mai Vemwana, Upenyu Ivhiri, Denda, Nguva Imirire, Kuva Namai, Ndashaya and Ndakavaka.

Zhakata told the Daily News that for the music industry to grow there is need for an environment in which leading musicians assist their understudies to showcase their talent.

“I have no hard feelings on Bizeki using my backing group Zimbabwe All Stars”, said the popular artiste who is tipped for a top post in Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church (UFIC).

“In fact I will be the happiest man if he becomes a very successful musician.

“Bizeki has been a member of the Zimbabwe All Stars since 1987 and I still have a feeling that I should do something for him to reward his loyalty.

“I won’t hesitate to afford him an opportunity to record his albums with my backing band because he has immensely contributed to it over the years,” he said.

Zhakata, however, added that the opportunity to do solo projects will only be afforded to long-serving Zimbabwe All Stars.

As for Bizeki, who believes his music is a hybrid of Zora and rhumba, Zhakata’s gesture shows his selflessness.

“I have no words to thank Zhakata for the opportunity. Apart from allowing me to record my albums he went on to be a backing vocalist on some of the songs and allowed me to perform them during his concerts.”

Bizeki commenced his artistic journey as a lead guitarist as part of Cde Chinx’s backing group before joining Zhakata.

“I believe a rolling stone gathers no moss. I will remain loyal to Zimbabwe All Stars even if I manage to make it big in my solo projects,” said Bizeki.

Zhakata’s position on Bizeki flies in the face of sungura artiste Alick Macheso who fired rhythm guitarist Innocent Mjintu after the latter had recorded a solo album while still part of Macheso’s backing group Orchestra Mberikwazvo. – Vasco Chaya

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