Mafriq lines up comeback album


HARARE – Mafriq’s four-year silence is about to end.

Within a fortnight, the group is set to release a single titled Zambuko off their forthcoming album that will signal when the full album will be released.

Mafriq’s lead vocalist Pauline Gundidza, the ex-wife of popular urban groover Roki, confirmed the development in an interview with the Daily News yesterday.

“We are releasing the single Zambuko within two weeks”, said Pauline.

“As soon as we are sure the market is ready for us, that is when we will release the full album that has also been tentatively named Zambuko.

“We are done with the recording we are doing final touches to the album. Zambuko is the most powerful song on the album so we might name the forthcoming album after the track,” she said.

The Zambuko is going to break Mafriq’s four-year silence from the music scene as the group last released its last album Shungu Dzemoyo in 2009.

Gundidza further revealed the group is now made up of only two band members following the departure of Tungamirai Mavi who was better known as Tunga.

“We are only two now myself and Discord.Tunga pulled out,” she said.

Gundidza, who divorced Roki four years ago, feels she is now better placed to be a source of useful advice to single mothers.

“I am going to approach single mothers and encourage them to be independent.

“Most of the time single mothers who raise children on their own face a lot of difficulties bringing them up.

“I just want to make them confident in their own ability to earn a living independent from men”.

The popular songbird hopes to reach out to a lot of women through her sister’s pre-school based in the capital city.

Gundidza has been taking care of her two children Sky (eight) and Minana (three) fathered by controversial urban groover Roki.

“I have been divorced for four years. In the beginning it hurts, yes, but with time you get used.

 I have been able to live with it for four years taking care of my children,” she said.

Gundidza, who revealed that her on-and off relationship with Roki is now a thing of the past, is determined to focus more on raising her children and taking her music career to the next level. – Kaleen Gombera

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